Basic Trust

Emily Hess Urvetrauen, Emily Hess Klangpädagogik

We live in a society where one goal is to function well and to preserve as much control as possible over our lives. But it cannot be the goal of our lives to tick off to-do lists and to manage life as safely as possible. More and more people are realizing that their lives are a valuable opportunity they want to take full advantage of. They feel powerful longings in themselves and take them seriously, but also want to stay relaxed.

Sound helps us to listen again, to sense and trust in our potential.


For those who love their lives so deeply and want to live up to their potential by (re)experiencing their basic trust, I have developed these seminars.


Urvertrauen Klangdialog, Emily Hess
Urvertrauen Wandlung Emily Hess
Urvertrauen Vision, Emily Hess
Urvertrauen Klang des Lebens, Emily Hess
Klangtherapie, Emily Hess

Emily Hess

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