basic  trust - sound  of  life

Urvertrauen - Klang des Lebens, Emily Hess

"Experiencing one's own, positive and sustaining life force"


Through the lively and exciting sound spaces presented in this seminar, we want to enable you to get back in touch with your own resources and powers – and thus to rediscover or even redesign your biography! Our goal is to let you experience the personal lifeline with focus on its enriching quality. Life has caused tension and hardening in most people. The body consciousness is therefore no longer felt in its complete energy. Sometimes, even illnesses are the result. We use the effect of sounds and, for example, an extended sound massage to relax the body and soul. In the "dance of life" we travel into our own vitality. Thus, the sound spaces of this seminar can enable you to take life back into your own hands and shape it to be self-determined, self-responsible and creative. You can use the learned sound spaces in your therapeutic activity as an additional creative opportunity.


Requirements: Peter Hess® Sound Massage I + II

Extent: 24 hours

Course fee: 330 €




Basic Trust - Sound of Life

24.-27.07.18 Basic Trust - Sound of Life, Emily Hess, 27333 Schweringen

Basic Trust - Intensive Experience! (Transformation, Sound of Life, Sound Dialogue)

19.-27.07.18 Basic Trust - Intensive Experience! (Transformation, Sound of Life, Sound Dialogue), Emily Hess, 27333 Schweringen

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27333 Schweringen


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