Listening to the sound of singing bowls and gongs, listening gently, is a deep encounter with oneself.

with oneself. To address and touch people with sound on a physical, emotional and spiritual level

and to touch them, that is our life.

In every human being there is a core that is inviolable and perfect.

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Emily und Peter Hess, Peter Hess®-Klangmassage, Peter Hess®-Klangschalen

In our seminars we ralize our attitude towards

life and offer not only professional training and

reorientation, but also processes that accompany


Emily Hess® Basic Trust - Coaching

Peter Hess® - Sound massage

Peter Hess® - Sound transformation

The Art of Living - Mentoring

The Sound Living Shop

Sound yoga instructional videos, fantasy joerney audios, sound audios for home and your profession.

With the products from our small, very personal store Sound Living we want to support you in your life and offer you inspiration for your profession.

Emily Hess® - Sound of Yoga

Emily Hess®-Soundyoga is a yoga style full of joy for body, mind and soul! The combination of singing bowls, gongs, mantras, imaginations, body rhythm, breath and asanas make the practice an intense experience. Everything flows! This special yoga class makes it possible to melt even deeper and easier into the postures. Pure yoga!

These are special instruments with a very relaxing rhythm, a healing, magical SOUND space that invites you to feel good and relax and can lead you to simply BE.

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Emily Hess

Dorfstraße 7

27333 Schweringen


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Peter Hess Institut
Fachverband Klang

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