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10 September- 24 September 2023


You want to take time for yourself?

Learn a new method and recover at the same time? Do you want to deepen your basic trust with love and security?


This is possible through the Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coaching Settings, which you can experience and deeply know in the

Experience Class on Ikaria (registration see below) 

If you then realize that this is exactly what you want to work with, that you might even experience as your transformation, you can easily learn to implement it as a mentor and coach in the

Master Class life-online (registration see below).


                         Sound meditations will accompany you, give you healing and security. The free days at the sea or in the mountains will give you deep relaxation. Experiencing transformation in this atmosphere is simply wonderful!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Emily Hess and Team 

Emily Hess® Basic Trust - Coaching

In every human being there is a core that is inviolable and perfect. We are born with it. However, in the course of our lives we move further and further away from it due to individual experiences and social and cultural influences. This change is also visible in the body, where it manifests itself in a certain posture - body posture. We tense up, split off from ourselves and lose contact with ourselves.


Nevertheless, we carry an unquenched longing for connection to this core within us throughout our lives. We believe that we can satisfy this longing through things or people. But subliminally it is always effective, the longing for the connection with ourselves.

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The Emily Hess® Basic Trust - Coaching training includes two phases, the Experience Class where your experience is the focus and the Masterclass where implementation for application is the focus:

Experience Class life on Ikaria:

Emily Hess® Basic Trust - Transformation


Emily Hess® Urvertrauen - In dialogue with your soul


Emily Hess® Original Confidence - Sound of Life




Each seminar is documented with a certificate of attendance.

Master Class life - online :


You have experienced many possibilities of the 24 different Basic Trust Settings and healing imaginations in the Experience Class. Now you might want to use your wonderful experience on the topic of basic trust as a coach*in order to make the world easier for your clients. A very fulfilling task. After attending the Master Class you will be able to use what you have experienced safely and joyfully with your clients and groups, both in coaching (active counseling) and in mentoring (gentle guidance) or in groups.


The Master Class is divided into a life-online mentoring in which you experience the implementation in your practice. For this we meet four times online with the group for 1-2 hours to accompany the implementation and emerging questions, but also your process in an appreciative way.

The final step is then a life-online seminar in which we discuss the individual settings and healing imaginations once again and internalize their possibilities.


Mentoring live- online:








10 a.m. to 12 p.m. each day


Seminar live-online:

Date: 2.December-3.December 2023


9 hrs.

Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm

Sunday from 10am to 1pm


Prerequisite for participation in the Master Class:

  • Peter Hess® Sound Massage 1
  • Primordial Trust - Transformation
  • Primal trust - In dialogue with your soul
  • Primal trust - Sound of life


After the complete attendance of all specified seminars and the Master Class you will receive a certificate that entitles you to use the professional title:


Emily Hess® Basic Trust - Coach

to use.



Seminar Basic Trust Coaching: 1080,00 Euro Seminar Ikaria + three scripts 30,00 Euro


Seminar Basic Trust Nature Rituals : 200,00 Euro + VAT


Masterclass: 330,00 €


Seminar and residence location:

Villa Cecile, Avlaki, Ikaria, Greece

Single room incl. rich organic breakfast, lunch snack and vegetarian dinner: 97.00 €

Double room incl. organic breakfast, lunch snack and vegetarian dinner: 77.00 €


Please note that you will also stay at our selected seminar location. There is no other possibility.

Basic Trust Natur Riturals

Enjoying dreamlike sunsets, experiencing the beach from time to time and a mountain hike followed by dancing and eating, our travel package is something to be proud of.

A gentle hike to a wonderful ritual place where we stay in gong sounds directly on the sea will enjoy together in the villa Cecile the food prepared only for us, who get their vegetables from the surrounding or own farms you can experience.


The seminar will be longer than just the seminar time. Also on the seminar days we have a very long lunch break, which invites you to enjoy the island. So you go home well rested with many inspirations for your life and your profession.


Our seminar location itself is already a rest for you, only we alone without other guests live our common Greek life. Of course directly at the sea. Over a small footpath you go to the private beach. There is even a gong for your sunset meditations waiting for you.

The seminar Basic Trust Nature Rituals is part of the seminar Basic Trust Coaching. The booking is made separately to the seminar booking Basic Trust Coaching for organizational reasons at: soundlivingacademy@gmail.com

ATTENTION: In case of non-participation in individual activities we cannot give any refund!

We recommend the seminar travel reimbursement insurance, which will be sent to you with the registration confirmation as an urgent recommendation.


We will experience this together with the Basic Trust Nature Rituals:

  • Hiking in the mountains (3 hrs. with guide)
  • Greek dance with guide
  • Goddesses ritual at Artemis temple
  • Easy hike (1 hr.)
  • Sailing tour through the Aegean Sea to a secluded place where we will have dinner.
  • Adventure tour over the mountains
  • A wish ritual at a secret place

Primal Trust - Transformation

"There is always time for the beginning of a happy childhood and a self-determined life".

In the context of the seminar, primal trust means being in touch with one's own feelings in a relaxed and easy-going way. The sounds and their creative use enable a positive attitude towards oneself. By releasing the tensions on the physical level, the primal forces of the soul are set free again. Thus you can make powerful decisions for life out of a rediscovered security. We learn to perceive our body and to promote mindfulness. Each sound space is guided so that you can safely use all settings with your clients, patients, groups.

Core Content:

  • Introduction: what is primal trust, how does it arise
  • Recognition of the resources and treasures of each individual
  • Primordial trust sound massage
  • Primal trust in an indigenous context (e.g. the Newaris in Nepal)
  • Experiencing primordial trust in the nurturing sound space



24 hours

Primal Trust - In Dialogue with Your Soul

Core Content:

  • Basics of interpersonal communication
  • Mediation of different KLANG-living spaces
  • Mediation of creative and effective, but basically non-verbal communication
  • Exercises on the use of sounds and their effect on this subject area


Giving a voice to the energies within us in order to be able to hear what is hidden within us - only in this way can we perceive our self-efficacy again and find out how we ourselves have shaped our world and realize changes. Through sound, an effective harmonization of the soul world in connection with the outer world is created.

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16 hours

Primal Trust - SOUND of life

Core Content:

  • Draw strength through the resource-oriented connection to our ancestors
  • experiencing your own life path through sound
  • "Dance of life" in the sound space
  • using dreams and visions through meditation

Experiencing your own positive and sustaining life force.

Through the lively and exciting SOUND spaces presented in this seminar, we would like to enable you to get back in touch with your own resources and forces - and thus rediscover or even reshape your biography! Our goal is to help you experience your personal lifeline with a focus on its enriching quality. Life has caused tension and hardening in most people. As a result, the body consciousness can no longer be felt in its perfect energy. Perhaps even illnesses are the result. We make use of the effect of sounds and, for example, a special extended sound massage to relax the body and the soul. We travel in the "dance of life" into our own aliveness. In this way, the SOUNDspaces of this seminar can enable you to take life into your own hands again and to shape it in a self-determined, self-responsible and creative way. You can use the learned SOUNDspaces in the context of your therapeutic work as an additional creative possibility.



24 hours

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