Basic Trust - Change

"It is always time to start a happy childhood and a self-determined life."

Emily and Peter Hess

April 28 to May 5, 2024

Seminar leader - Daniel Otterbein


Daniel is someone who has incredible access to nature and nature rituals. He has lived alone in the mountains of Ikaria for many years.


As a result, he has developed a stillness in his soul that will guide you well and safely through your seminar.


Daniel has accompanied us for many years in our seminars on Ikaria.


He works with the Peter Hess® Sound Massage and the Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coaching with many people who visit him on Ikaria.


We wish you much joy with a wonderful person.


Emily and Peter Hess



By using the registration button you agree to be forwarded to the Peter Hess® Institute. Scripts and certifications are issued by the Peter Hess Institute. Invoices will be issued by Emily Hess, Soundliving - please note the cancellation policy.

Would you like to expand your coaching or mentoring offer with an empathetic, loving method that will bring you a lot of joy?

Then you've come to the right place. Because basic trust is the key to happiness, for you as well as for your clients, mentees or coachees. 


This seminar is the first part of the training to become an Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coach.  


In the context of the seminar, basic trust means being relaxed and in touch with your own feelings. The sounds and their creative use enable a positive attitude towards oneself. By releasing tension on a physical level, the original powers of the soul are released again. This allows you to make powerful decisions for your life from a renewed sense of security. We learn to be aware of our body and to promote mindfulness. Each sound space is guided in such a way that you can safely use all settings with your clients and groups.


Primal Trust - Transformation on the Greek island of Ikaria gives you more time and peace to experience and try out the individual sound settings and to have space for yourself.  The seminar includes a travel package (140.-). This includes a trip to a beautiful natural location where you can experience a sound meditation, a walk through the mountains with Peter Hess followed by a gong meditation in a place of power and 2 dinners together in special tavernas. 


As a special gift there will be a 2 hour sound transformation workshop with Peter Hess and of course Emily Hess will be there to spend time with you. 

Core content:


Introduction: What is basic trust, how does it develop?


Recognizing the resources and treasures of each individual


Primal trust sound massage


Primal trust in an indigenous context (e.g. with the Newaris in Nepal)


Experiencing basic trust in a nourishing sound space


Basic Trust healing maginations


Seminar price without travel, meals and accommodation: 460.00 € including script 


The seminar concludes with a certificate of attendance, which entitles you to apply the contents.


Seminar and residential location:


Villa Cecile - Holistic Retreat, Avlaki, Ikaria, Greece 


 A 10-minute walk will take you to a small harbor in Avlaki. You can also go swimming there. 


 There are wonderful sandy beaches with the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Aegean about three kilometers away. 


 We have chosen a very special place far away from the tourist centers. Here you have peace and quiet, can relax, drive to beaches and small, idyllic places with your rental car or an inexpensive transfer. Or you can book a wonderful excursion to the hot springs. 


Our seminar house is already a relaxation in itself. This is where we live our Greek life together.


 If you have any questions, please contact Emily Hess: or via WhatsApp +49 (0) 1713468855

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Instagram:  emilyhessklangyoga

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