Basic Trust - Change

"It is always time to start a happy childhood and a self-determined life."

In the context of the seminar, basic trust means being in relaxed and easy contact with one's own feelings. The sounds and their creative use enable a positive attitude toward oneself. By releasing the tension on the physical level, the original powers of the soul are set free again. This way, you can make powerful life decisions for yourself out of your rediscovered security. We learn to perceive our body and to foster mindfulness. Each sound space is taught so that you can confidently apply all settings with your clients, patients, groups or in Sound of Yoga therapy.


Basic Trust - Change on the Greek island of Ikaria gives you more time and peace to experience and try out the individual sound settings and to have space for yourself. The seminar includes a travel package (140.-). This includes a trip to a beautiful nature place where you can experience a sound meditation, a walk through the mountains with Peter Hess followed by a gong meditation at a power place and 3 dinners together in special taverns.

As a special gift there will be a 2 hour workshop sound transformation with Peter Hess and of course Emily Hess will be there to spend time with you.


Core content:

  • Introduction: What is basic trust, how does it arise
  • Recognition of each individual's resources and treasures
  • Basic trust sound massage
  • Basic trust in an indigenous context (e.g. among the Newaris in Nepal)
  • Experience of basic trust in the nourishing sound space

Timeframe: 24 hours

Price: 380,00 €

Emily Hess

Dorfstraße 7

27333 Schweringen


Instagram:  emilyhessklangyoga

Peter Hess Institut
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