A place that reminds us how life can be. How strengthening, nourishing and healthy. People are at the center. We are all focused on your well-being. Holistic bluezone nutrition that is good for your body is a matter of course here. Respect for each other and for the nature around us is natural. Here you can live in harmony! Simply enjoy your vacation, your retreat or your training. The sound of the singing bowl, which you will find in every bedroom, also contributes to this. The gong outside invites you to experience special sunsets.


When planning your journey, please bear in mind that you will need to allow one to two days' travel time. The seminar times depend on the seminar content. You will be sent a timetable at least 14 days before the start of your trip, which you should regard as a provisional schedule. It is always possible that an exciting event will take place on the island that we would like to visit with you. This will then affect the timetable. The weather can also throw a spanner in the works. A certain degree of flexibility is always required.


You are welcome to book additional offers on site, but it is easier and more reliable for you if you book in advance:

Peter Hess sound massage  58,00 € per person 
Emily Hess Basic Trust sound massage  58,00 € per person 

Herbs tour

Price on request
Blue Zone cooking workshop Price on request

Information about accommodation prices incl. breakfast and lunch snack, all day tea, coffee and crystal water (all prices per person)

Attention! When booking a double room, a second person must be specified directly.


Apartment (1)

Kitchen, large bathroom and terrace overlooking the sea. Two bedrooms.

Single use in a separate room:

73,00 €

Double use in a separate room:


Special features:

The rooms are separate separees, the bathroom adjoins a separee and is used by both guests from both separees. This apartment is ideal for friends or families

Apartment (2)

Kitchen, bathroom, large terrace facing the sea. One bedroom.

Single room: 73,00 €
Double room: 55,00 €
Special features:  Es besteht die Möglichkeit eines Bettes im Wohnzimmer:

53,00 €

This apartment is particularly suitable for friends and families.

Apartment (3)

one bathroom, three rooms, one room separated in the studio and several terraces with sea view and limited sea view.

Single room: 73,00 €
Double room: 55,00 €

Separate rooms on the first and second floor

Single room with balcony 73,00 €
Double room with balcony: 55,00 €
Single room with sea view: 63,00 €
Double room with sea view: 53,00 €
Gallery balcony: 43,00 €
Gallery library single: 57.00 €
Gallery library double: 40,00 €
Gallery library triple: 35,00 €
Studio right next to the seminar room with access to the seminar room: 67,00 €

Special features:

Large kitchen for general use. Guests share two large exclusive bathrooms.


Beautifully furnished caravan with terrace facing the sea. Outdoor bathroom and outdoor kitchen.

One person: 73,00 €
Two persons: 55,00 €

Special features:

This incredibly beautiful place is perfect for nature lovers, being alone, retreats and authors. Ideal for couples and friends who would like to be alone during a seminar.

Information about transfers

Villa Cecile is located outside the tourist areas in the countryside near the sea with an unobstructed, magnificent sea view. We have decided to offer our seminars in this family retreat atmosphere to ensure as much peace and quiet as possible. Therefore, a rental car is an option or you can take advantage of our inexpensive transfer to the beaches, idyllic places or hot springs.

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