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Maybe you are wondering what is the easiest way to travel to Ikaria? We will show you here:



We recommend the airlines Aegan Air or the combination Lufthansa/Olympic to Athens. It is best to book separately, first from your cheapest airport to Athens and in a second booking from Athens to Ikaria. E.g. with Sky Express or Olympic.



If you want to come by ferry, we recommend the hotel Faros 1 or Faros 2 in Piraeus via You can easily get there with the bus line 96, which leaves directly from the airport. So the sightseeing starts directly for you.

In Athens there is usually an overnight stay, for this we recommend Sotiri, who has a small hotel in Makropoulos, outside Athens - very quiet!



His mobile number for booking in english: 0030-2299068669



Sotiri picks you up from the airport and brings you there again. All very relaxed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You have to calculate with pure travel costs of approx. 500,00 Euro for round trip.

Travel, meals & costs without flight

Hotel Cavos Bay, Armenistis

The hotel is beautifully situated on a cliff surrounded by the sea from two sides. It has a swimming pool, many sunbeds and invites you to relax.


Here the seminar Peter Hess® Sound Massage Intensive will take place.


May 28 to June 11, 2023


Room booking

Registration of your room request at, payment directly at the hotel

Single room land side

Single room sea side

Double room (double bed) land side

Double room (double bed) sea side


Room rates Hotel Cavos Bay 3 stars , Armenistis include

Room category,

Simple breakfast buffet at the hotel

Use of seminar room

Tourist tax

About Hotel Cavos Bay
We have booked a certain number of rooms of the different categories. We are very anxious to fulfill all room requests, but we ask for your understanding in case we do not have enough rooms of the respective category or partners for double rooms (in the latter case we have to book you into a single room with surcharge).


Note for double room booking or twin room booking

A double room booking is only possible if you can name your binding room neighbor when you register. We would like to point out that only the studios are big enough to stay with friends. All other rooms have nice, big double beds.


Please let us know your accommodation wishes as soon as possible by mail. Rooms will be allocated strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is not possible to stay outside the hotel and participate in the seminar, otherwise there will be extra costs for you for seminar room use and the use of the hotel facilities. This is very inconvenient and we ask for your understanding.

Villa Cecile in Avlaki is a beautiful country house all to ourselves. A small footpath leads directly to the private beach. We have booked the whole house. It is a rather private country house. So it is a very individual and special ambience in which you enter. The French owners Cecile and Daniele have been living in Ikaria for 30 years and are just wonderful. They fulfill our wishes as much as they can.


The house has 6 large, beautiful bathrooms that are shared.


The following seminars take place here:


Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coaching Training


September 10 - September 24, 2023


The Art of Living Mentoring - Ikaria


September 24 - October 8, 2023


Included in the price:

Rich all-organic breakfast with fruit and produce from surrounding farms.

Lunch snack with fruit and pastries

Rich all-organic dinner menu with products from the surrounding farms.


Price per person:

77,00 € per night (cash payment to the owners Cecile and Daniele directly upon arrival).

Single room supplement:

20,00 € per night


Since the whole house is at our disposal, the rooms will be assigned after the inspection. So you can first get to know each other over a meal and then see together how you settle in. We are happy to accept single room bookings in advance. There are also inexpensive possibilities to stay in the villa, e.g. in a triple room or on the gallery. Please contact us if you are interested.


Note for double room booking (double bed)

A double room booking is only possible if you can tell us your binding room neighbor when you register. We would like to point out that the rooms are located in apartments or in a very large apartment, so that you have a lot of space and a large kitchen, terrace and a lot of space around. If you book a double room, please indicate your participant/traveling partner. If there is no partner/participant for the use as a couple, the single room surcharge will apply.


Note on partners traveling with us
We often have life partners who like to travel with us. As long as they stay in a double room with you, this is possible. Since there are only a limited number of rooms available, we cannot provide a separate room for traveling partners at Villa Cecile. In order to integrate partners into the group they take part in the common meals and activities outside the mentoring.

Therefore we have created a travel package for traveling partners of 250,00 € for common activities.


Included in the travel package:

  • Sailing adventure
  • Adventurous trip over the mountains
  • Artemis ritual
  • Easy hike (1 hour)
  • Mountain hike (about 3 hours)
  • Instruction Greek dance
  • Travel Support


Note for room booking

It is not possible to stay outside the villa and participate in the seminar, because we use the whole facility for our seminar and it is only available for our guests. We ask for your understanding.

We would like to point out that our Soundliving Academy seminars in cooperation with the Peter Hess® Institute can only be booked together with the hotel/villa and the travel package (Peter Hess Sound Massage and Basic Trust Training). We organize the hotel/villa for you, because it is cheaper for you.

Wir möchten eine wunderbare Gemeinschaft genießen, zusammen essen gehen und uns verwöhnen lassen, denn wir wollen unser Leben gemeinsam zelebrieren.

Celebrate your life on Ikaria

Schedule of the Seminar - Retreat

When planning your journey, please note that you will need to allow one to two days for travel. The seminar starts at 10 am.


The arrival date is always the first date indicated. The second date is the departure date.


The seminar time includes two days each from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm (Peter Hess® seminars) or 5 pm (Emily Hess® seminars) to 8 pm. Then follows a retreat day with a wonderful program from hiking to sailing everything is possible.


"The Art of Living" mentoring and retreat begins daily at 10 am. Mentoring with many wonderful opportunities from Peter Hess® Sound Transformation and Emily Hess® Basic Trust Settings ends in the large group at 1pm each day. Some days there are exciting activities that take place either the full day or the afternoon and evening.

Emily Hess

Dorfstraße 7

27333 Schweringen


Instagramm:  emilyhessklangyoga

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