Peter Hess® Soundmassage Intensive training

This Seminar in englisch Translation you find 2024 from only on the Island Ikaria in Greece

Our beautiful Peter Hess seminar house is located in beautiful surroundings in a village in Lower Saxony that is still truly authentic. Here you can relax and enjoy your training.


With the intensive training in Peter Hess® sound massage, we meet the needs of many interested people who have to travel long distances or cannot attend the individual seminar dates for other reasons.


Experience with this compact training course has shown us that it creates a space that enables particularly effective learning.

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  • History of the development of sound massage
  •     Experiencing the effect of the sounds of the singing bowls on the body
  •     Different characteristics of different singing bowls and use of different mallets
  •     Learning the basic sound massage and specific sound elements for expansion
  •     Guided and independent practice of the learned sound massage and sound elements
  •     Ideas about body energy and its importance for sound work in theory and practice
  •     Special sound massage and sound elements for energy balancing, loosening and releasing neuromuscular blockages as well as harmonization
  •     Advanced sound massage with the Zen bowl and the Fen-Gong
  •     Designing and practicing targeted and individual application of sound massage for relaxation and in consideration of disease patterns
  •     Experiencing and practicing the principles of the Peter Hess® sound methods, e.g. developing a dialogical, resonance-ready, non-judgmental attitude         towards the client and oneself.
  •     Techniques for changing the focus: away from the problem area to the healthy one
  •     Holistic health promotion of body, mind and soul with sound massage
  •     Possible applications, limitations and contraindications
  •     Sound meditations for relaxation, holistic health strengthening, vision development and integration of what has been learned
  •     Exchange of experiences and reflection





64 hours in total (+ 20 hours final seminar)


Course fee:

1290 €, (+ 350,00 € final seminar), the scripts cost 40,00 € (incl. VAT) extra and will be invoiced with the seminar fee.


Seminar leader:

Peter Hess


Seminar time:

The seminars have different start and end times. Details and information on the seminar venues can be found on the registration confirmation.


Note 1:

The certificate for the three training sound massages (€ 65.00 each) must be received by the Peter Hess® Institute 14 days before the start of the final seminar!


Note 2:

Participants from Lower Saxony can apply for educational leave for the intensive training. The team at the Peter Hess® Institute will be happy to advise you on tel. 04252 - 9389114.



Our intensive training courses are recognized according to the Lower Saxony Educational Leave Act. The intensive training courses in North Rhine-Westphalia are recognized there as educational leave. Recognition procedures in other federal states are currently underway.

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Date: March 05-12, 2024

Location: Peter Hess® Institute - Schweringen, 27333 Schweringen

Seminar leaders: Emily and Peter Hess

Date: July 13-20, 2024

Location: Peter Hess® Institute - Schweringen, 27333 Schweringen


Seminar leaders:  Peter Hess and Daniel Otterbein

Date: November 15-22, 2024

Location: Peter Hess® Institute - Schweringen, 27333 Schweringen


Seminar leaders: Peter Hess and Daniel Otterbein

Emily Hess

Dorfstraße 7

27333 Schweringen


Instagram:  emilyhessklangyoga

Peter Hess Institut
Fachverband Klang

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