Individual sound massage

easy, skillful and design safely!

Who doesn't have the desire to create perfect to give versatile sound massages that accompany clients in a mindful and supportive way in a safe space?


Skillful creativity often does not come to fruition because after training as a sound massage practitioner, a lot of practice is still needed to safely implement what has been learned. Experience shows that even long-time practitioners often use the effective elements for modifying the basic sound massage little or not at all. However, this makes sense in order to lay the foundation for effective individual support.


This seminar is aimed at anyone who would like to gain the confidence to integrate sound massage professionally into their practice or professional field, as well as all experienced users who would like to update their knowledge of sound massage or recognize any application deviations that may have crept in during the course of their own practice.


It shows how the basic sound massage can be optimally combined with the additional sound elements learned in order to respond to the individual needs of the client in a solution- and resource-oriented manner.

Continuing education credits for professional nurses can be obtained for this seminar.


  • Deepening the individual and safe accompaniment of clients.
  • Safe execution of individual sound elements.
  • Specific selection of sound elements according to the individual needs of the client
  • Sensible insertion of the selected sound elements into the individual sound massage
  • Logical and comprehensible presentation of how and why sound elements are inserted or deliberately omitted



16 hours

Completion in Peter Hess Sound Massage and six months of practical experience.

Course fee:
340,00 € (incl. VAT, without accommodation and meals), plus script costs: 20,00 € (incl. VAT).

Recognized for:
Peter Hess® Sound Massage Expert for the accompaniment of recovery processes, Certified Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner (=Advanced Training)

Seminar leader:
Peter Hess


Date: 26.-28.July 2024

Place: Peter Hess® Institut - Schweringen, 27333 Schweringen

Date: 22.-24.November 2024

Place: Peter Hess® Institut - Schweringen, 27333 Schweringen

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