By Emily and Peter Hess

Fantasiereisen, Emily Hess

This training is especially for relaxation, learning support and personality development. The deepening of the trance and thus the effect of the inner images through the professional use of sound bowls and gongs of high quality is the special feature of this training. The sound is used by the developers of this series of seminars in a special way. The listeners enter the relaxation fast and can thus strengthen their imagination and promote concentration. Learning to use the Peter Hess® Sound Massage to enhance the depth of imaginary journeys and sound journeys is an important part of the training.


Central contents of this training are:

• Basic knowledge of the instruments

• Characteristics of imaginary journeys as a relaxation method

• Using the imaginary journey to develop creativity

• Building of inner images

• Introduction/induction of relaxation by sound

• Guiding imaginary journeys freely and appealingly

• Teaching didactics, course structure, workshops

• Write imaginary journeys yourself with a simple system

• Language and design of imaginary journeys

• Supporting stories and poems with sound


Where can you act as a relaxation trainer for imaginary journeys and sound journeys?

Imaginary journeys are becoming more and more popular. You can offer them, e.g. in fitness studios, community colleges, schools, with children and adults, in wellness and sauna landscapes, in clinics and health resorts, as a relaxation trip or, if you are a therapist or non-medical practitioner or similar, in therapy.


Time scale and costs

The training includes the training seminar Sound Massage I as well as the seminars Sound and Imaginary Journeys I + II and comprises a total of 48 hours plus working hours for the self-study of scripts and transfer (practical applications).


The entire training fee is € 670,00.


Degree / certificate

At the end of the training, a certificate from the Peter Hess® institute will be awarded, in which all attended seminars will be listed. The completion of the training entitles to the title:


Relaxation Trainer for Sound and Imaginary Journeys by Emily Hess and Peter Hess


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