the art of living mentoring-

The Art of living your Basic Trust

with Emily and Peter Hess, Assistance Daniel Otterbein

24. September until 08. October 2023

Maybe it has always been your dream to find your life path clearly? To be able to make personal and professional decisions that lead to change? Or simply to have time for yourself, to be in your center and to come to rest deeply? 


Or would you like to become visible with your wonderful methods e.g. as a Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner or Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coach? WOW - yes - become visible with a lot of safety and security. How would that be?

Than come and join us in Ikaria!

Together we will indulge in soothing and effective sound experiences that can positively impact your life and unlock your development potential.


The mentoring is a wonderful deepening for Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coaches and Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioners, as the learned settings will experience a deviation - a thematic transformation. The settings from the sound transformation will also give you an opportunity to use them in your work.


We have often received requests from participants who have already attended our seminars and would like to come to Ikaria - inspired by your wishes we have created this offer. You will find many suggestions also for your group work. 


Perhaps you are planning an intensive period of reorientation, in which case we recommend that you attend two seminars in one go. This is always possible in September/October. An intensive Ikaria Dream - transformation time. 

What awaits you:

  • Peter Hess® Sound Transformation
  • Peter Hess® Sound Massage 
  • Emily Hess® Basic Trust Settings
  • Basic Trust Healing Imaginations
  • Valuable conversations 
  • Herbal Hike
  • Nature Experiences
  • Goddess rituals with the goddess Artemis, who stands for the freedom of the soul
  • Sailing adventure
  • Adventure tour over the mountains
  • Healthy food
  • BEING together

The goddess Artemis lived on the island of Ikaria in ancient times. Her wildness, freedom and caring will be encountered again and again. In The Art of Living - workbook and of course in nature.  



Approx. 78 time hours



Sept. 24 (arrival day) to Oct. 8 (departure day) 2023 



Villa Cecil, Avlaki on the island of Ikaria in Greece.


Costs without hotel, meals and travel: 980,00 €

Participant limit: 14


Advice and information:

With Emily Hess 

WhatsApp: 0049(0)1713468855  

In-depth offers

In-depth offerings by Daniel Otterbein, Peter Hess® Sound Massage

Practitioner and Emily Hess® Basic Trust Coach, assisting in all our Ikaria seminars. He has been living on Ikaria for 20 years:

Peter Hess® sound massage: 45 Euro 

Emily Hess® Basic Trust Sound Massage: 45 Euro 


A very special offer by request of many participants

Individual - Wander - Mentoring with Peter Hess:

200 Euro (1 hour)



Here you have to register early, because Peter only gives three appointments.



Villa Cecil

In a privately run Greek country house we will be completely among ourselves. We have a private path to the sea, through the wonderfully fragrant nature. Many cozy corners where you can withdraw completely. It is just the right place for this mentoring.  

Emily Hess

Dorfstraße 7

27333 Schweringen


Instagram:  emilyhessklangyoga

Peter Hess Institut
Fachverband Klang

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