Imaginary journeys, narratives, and deep imaginations have a long history. Our ancestors used to tell stories during the winter by the fire in the old days in order to bring the sun, the green, and the flowers into their dark homes.

Thus, imaginary journeys have become a world for me which I include as a part of the possible experiences in all my seminars. Sometimes they are very light and let the listeners discover their laughter. Other times, they evoke very deep imaginations, which can even be life-changing. That implies a lot of responsibility for the instructor. The words, and especially the phrasing of sentences that let inner images rise should be used very responsibly. We want to paint very special images with our stories and our lyrics. That happens very directly through the sounds which frame stories, lyric, imaginary journeys, and meditations. With their tonal colors they let the images become tangible. It is very easy to dive into the words in the sound space.

S  E M I N A R S

Klang- und Fantasiereisen, Emily Hess
Gong-Imagination und Ritual, Emily Hess
Entspannungstrainer für Klang- und Fantasiereisen, Emily Hesss

Emily Hess

Dorfstraße 7

27333 Schweringen


Instagram:  emilyhessklangyoga

Peter Hess Institut
Fachverband Klang

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